Transform Interests Into Jobs: A Career Practitioner’s Guide



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Transform Interests into Jobs: A Career Practitioner’s Guide is sure to become a favorite in career practitioner’s libraries.  Completing the activities in the workbook guides students and clients to jobs that match their ideal.  This workbook helps young adults create financially independent, sustainable lives.

There are 30,000 jobs at work in the United States. Recruiters divide jobs into over 80 job families.  The problem of career choice for teens and young adults isn’t one of scarcity, but dividing the possibilities into reasonable categories that can be effectively researched for jobs that may suit.  A young person’s interests provide the compass for guiding that research.

Why career practitioners of all kinds, Guidance Counselors, Career Coaches, Career Counselors, and College Career Center Counselors, will love Transform Interests into Jobs:

  • It works
  • It can be used with individuals or groups
  •  It breaks down the sometimes complicated process of turning interests into fields and then into job families and finally into job titles into actionable bite-sized steps
  • The worksheets are reproducible. They are intended to be copied and reused with many clients or workshop participants.
  • It contains a list of the 80+ job families currently used by recruiters

What career leaders are saying about  Transform Interests into Jobs: A Career Practitioner’s Guide:

“The authors’ steadfast respect for self-awareness and very clear and practical steps to complete the What, Where and How of the Parachute Process makes it an easy to follow and thorough map to help teens self-direct their own process.”
-Rich Feller, Ph.D, author, professor and NCDA  past president

“This workbook successfully focuses on a career education need of our youth and, ultimately, our American society! … for high school students, this workbook material is a necessity!”
-Helen Harkness, Ph.D., futurist and founder of Career Design Associates

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