Career Coaching Resources for Business Leaders Working with Youth

Many businesses sponsor business – school partnerships or are otherwise involved in efforts to help high school and college age students learn the skills and knowledge needed to compete in today’s workforce and careers. Other business leaders run internship programs or hire students for summer jobs and possible long term career commitments. If you are a program director or coordinator of one of these types of programs, or an educator working closely with the business community, let me highlight some of the services and products offered by Robin Roman Wright Consulting, career coach in the Greater Boston Area, that might be of interest to you.

Peer Mentoring℠
A tools-based approach to help with on-the-job training

Peer Mentoring is a one day training program that provides clear and simple tools to help your seasoned employees to coach or transfer knowledge to new employees or interns. It fundamentally improves the way subject matter experts communicate with and coach others.

Originally developed for Microsoft more than 10 years ago, Peer Mentoring has helped thousands of people and teams to coach and transfer knowledge and bring new staff up to speed quickly and efficiently. The workshop uses plain language and practical career counseling tools that can be put to work right away. The workshop provides a blend of short presentations, small group brainstorming and discussion as well as individual planning for using concepts and tools immediately back at the worksite.

The course can be tailored to meet your needs whether you offer it for the pairs of mentors and their apprentices, the mentors (your subject matter experts) prior to the interns or new employees starting, or for the apprentices, themselves, in the first week or two of their onboarding process.

To receive course objectives and an outline please e-mail me at

Programs and Products to Enhance Communication Skills, Leadership Skills and Career Awareness

The specific set of Inscape Publishing products highlighted here are relevant to work with youth and young adults in the areas of communication skills, career counseling and exploration and leadership development.

I-Sight®: A Way to Understand Yourself and Others

A DiSC®–based learning assessment designed for youth ages 12-18. Using the DiSC® model, I-Sight creates positive self-awareness and understanding of others by helping young people recognize and accept behavioral differences.

DiSC® Classic and other DiSC® Products

Paper/Online. Available in English and Spanish.

Improving Communication and Reducing Conflict

With 30 years of proven reliability and over 40 million users, DiSC® Classic remains the most trusted learning and instrument in the career counseling or training and development industry. DiSC Classic can help coach people to improve communication, ease frustration and conflict, and develop effective team members and leaders. Designed for adults age 18 and up.

Other Profiles & Workbooks

Time Mastery®, Personal Learning Insights®, and Personal Listening® profiles that help coach you to improve your knowledge and skills in key areas for career and leadership success. Designed for adults age 19 and up.

Adventures in Attitudes (AiA Classic™)

An interactive learning and career counseling program geared towards improving attitudes. Each of the 74 projects leads groups through exercises that cause participants to focus on important questions, such as:

  • How do I handle people problems at home and at work?
  • How do I solve my problems? Make decisions?
  • What is my work and what are my attitudes toward work? Do my attitudes need to be changed?
  • Updated from the very popular Adventures in Attitudes® program.


For more information on the set of communication, career awareness, career counseling and leadership skill building products and programs above please e-mail Robin Roman Wright Consulting, a career coach residing in Boston, at